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Hi there. This is me, Taliesin, better known as Francesco. Born in 1987, I've grown up and am still living in Pietrasanta, a little town in Tuscany surrounded by hills and nearby the sea. I've always had my own ideals and thoughts about life, I am a pretty independent guy and I can't actually stand people who have to follow fashions and other's lines of thought just to feel accepted.

I am a doctor in Informatics for the humanities but I'm still studying at Pisa University, following an in-depth course on digital graphics and virtual environments.

I am engaged with a beautiful girl, Denise. She is everything to me, I couldn't want anything else by my life... The picture on the left has been taken on our journey in Ireland, a country we always wanted to sightsee and found absolutely awesome.

You can find me on Second Life as Taliesin Meiklejohn, both with Gwion or Taliesin self made avatars - well, actually I must thank Fog Dagger since she made a good 99% of the work on them, eheh...

For further info, contact me @ Taliesinstudio[at]gmail[dot]com