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Digital art

Out of personal inspiration or commissioned by other people, I will upload my art attempts in my gallery page.

Personal blog

Social media is way too dispersive. I prefer to collect all my thoughts in here, hoping they might be interesting for you too!

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Do you want to contact me, ask about my art or just poke me to see what's going on? Have a stroll in my contacts section.

What gets me drawing

Inspiration is everywhere.


Inspired by Apparat - "Goodbye"


Inspired by Final Fantasy VII

Comics and TV shows
Comics and TV shows

Inspired by My Little Pony

Original Creations
Original Creations

Original content, right out of my head

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What's crackalackin'

indie games
Videogames as an art medium


Videogames and art

The most interesting discussion I had about videogames happened with one of my brothers, after we left a museum we just finished visiting.

The gallery we went to was showcasing, along with paintings and sculptures, some interactive artworks and contemporary installations as well. We started talking about art and its many ways of being conceived, and the conversation ended on whether videogames can be art as well, or not.

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website photo
Hello world!

Hello world indeed! I am so happy my own website finally found a new life! It really needed for a good revamp, so… here we are! 

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