A new beginning

If you have taken a look around here, you will probably have noticed something: videogames are, to me, quite the big deal.

Alot of people have asked me, over time, whether I would ever have been interested in trying to develop my own games, or at least to try and work within the gaming industry. My answer has always been… “I don’t even know where to begin!” or something along those lines.

The fact is that, actually, it is true. Programming languages are not new to me, as I have basics of HTML/CSS, PHP, Javascript, C++, and Python, because… reasons: may it be school, past work experiences or personal curiosity. The problem here is that I do NOT excel in any of these, and further more I have no idea on even where to start, in order to produce a game out of them. Jack of all trades, master of none. 

Yet, as of late, with the whole CoVid-19 pandemy going rampant and a move to a new city, I found myself in a situation where I have alot of free time. And, most importantly… I found some kind of mentor.

Apparently, someone on a Telegram group also happens to live in the same condo I am in right now. And this person also happens to be a big name in a videogame company. They started explaining me things, giving me suggestions and helping me thoughout understanding what to learn, and how. So… I started coding.

Of course, this barely is the beginning and I just started to scratch the surface; yet, this said, I am studying hard, practicing harder, and loving it all more and more. However things go in the future, I hope this can be the first step in a long, happy, game developing career. If not, I would still have gotten a better understanding on how games are made… and maybe in the future, I shall finally make my own (I mean, I made a small game already, after all… nothing special, but it is my first baby!).

Only time will tell.

Until then, I will keep my itch.io page updated with all my new projects, so… keep an eye on me!