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A new beginning

If you have taken a look around here, you will probably have noticed something: videogames are, to me, quite the big deal.

Alot of people have asked me, over time, whether I would ever have been interested in trying to develop my own games, or at least to try and work within the gaming industry. My answer has always been… “I don’t even know where to begin!” or something along those lines.

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Videogames as an art medium


Videogames and art

The most interesting discussion I had about videogames happened with one of my brothers, after we left a museum we just finished visiting.

The gallery we went to was showcasing, along with paintings and sculptures, some interactive artworks and contemporary installations as well. We started talking about art and its many ways of being conceived, and the conversation ended on whether videogames can be art as well, or not.

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