Inktober 2021

This year, for a change, I decided to try my hand at something I would have never dared before: inktober.

Inktober is a drawing challenge where you have to create an ink drawing everyday, throughout the month of October, and share it on social media. There is an “official” list of prompts to follow, but in the end you can choose any list, theme, or simply get to draw any picture at all, as long as you do it every single day.

The challenge is interesting because it involves various ranges of artists, all with different skills and levels, bound by the limits of color, time and theme.

So, without further ado, this is my entries for this year. I tried different techniques, while always keeping the picture as black and white as possible. The word that inspired the picture is the title itself. Enjoy!


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indie games

Videogames as an art medium


Videogames and art

The most interesting discussion I had about videogames happened with one of my brothers, after we left a museum we just finished visiting.

The gallery we went to was showcasing, along with paintings and sculptures, some interactive artworks and contemporary installations as well. We started talking about art and its many ways of being conceived, and the conversation ended on whether videogames can be art as well, or not.

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